Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost a Week!

Well- I feel like I lost a week somewhere. My daughter had her four wisdom teeth taken out on Friday Feb. 27 and it took until today for her to return to school. She had a tough recovery. Boy I have never made so many ice cream shakes in my life. It was a challenge to make soft foods she could eat. She is preparing to start braces again soon and a jaw surgery for an open bite in a year. I went through the whole process myself almost 2o years ago as an and all. I feel bad I passed my terrible bite onto her....anyway- she is on the road to recovery and I am back to work today. Missed making dolls last week......but still kept up with lessons. We are adding a "Fiddler on the Roof" scene hopefully to the June recital. We have a voice workshop this weekend to begin rehearsing and once a month now until thenl. Wish us luck....I did start a couple more school dolls and bunnies and hope to finish them soon! Thanks for checking in!!!!!!!!!!

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