Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 Year High School Reunion!

Well, I missed my 30 year high school reunion this year....but ended up able to get together with some of my closest friends anyway.....we were a small, "nerdy" group it was nicer to be able to see these gals in a more intimate setting. Met at Maureen's ranch/ home in Sonoma County . Everyone brought their families. It was nice to reminisce. We had made a "MOVIE" when we were in school based on the old British classic BEOWULF (yes...just like the Mel Gibson movie). We had to read it for British Lit and decided we needed to SPICE up the class. So, with one of our teachers, we made a movie. Came out hilarious....we all had to dress up like medieval guys....yes beards...although I got to play a servant girl/queen for one scene. It was a blast to rewatch the thing....which was more like a Monte Python classic than anything....since we had to dubb in the dialogue and music later....sound was SLIGHTLY OFF.....used lots of Stravinsky and Wagner music!! FUN TIMES!!!

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