Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have wanted to make this doll for the longest time: The Bad Attitude School Doll. It is a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. I love it cause it reminds me of Monday morning!!! For more photos of it, go to my ebay link on the right. She comes with a little bag that says LUNCH and a prim tag that says SCHOOL DAZE! Anyway, I plan on making more....I have TONS of different school themed fabric. I want to make some for the Santa's Smokestack Boutique that I have started doing every year now. I am still working on my skating dolls. Life has been so busy as I have decided to put on a voice recital with my students again. Lots of work and coordinating with their schedules. But always a good learning experience for them....Having TWO JOBS as voice teacher and doll maker can sometimes be challenging. I feel like two different people!!!! Both are my passion though so I can't imagine giving one up. I plan on spending the next two days on dolls though....
PS. My birthday is coming up...THE BIG 48!! YIKES! My kids are looking forward to the CAKE PART! We don't eat it can't wait!!!!!!!!!! It's got to be CHOCOLATE!!!!!


jk said...

I LOVE this doll! It's how I feel facning a Monday- This doll is one of my favs....Take care-

jk said...

Looks like I'm the one who needs to go back to school.... spelling!!!