Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wow! I can't believe it is February already! And that today is my birthday----the big 48! I have to teach today, but bought some wonderful brownies to eat tonight for dessert! My husband surprised me with some flowers and a card last night cause he leaves so early in the morning, I wouldn't see him until tonight after I am done teaching...My kids and husband told me they ordered me an IPOD!! My kids each have one, and I have been trying to use theirs when I exercise. So I think they realized I needed my own. Can't wait until it arrives! I can put all my OPERA music on it....Lots of Puccini!!! Recital plans are going well for my June student voice recital. More to come on that later. Want to get going on some more dolls this weekend. I have lots of ideas....but never enough time!!!!! Back to work!!!

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