Tuesday, April 7, 2009

COMPUTER ANNIE SAYS "Don't Push My Buttons!"

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ARE YOU HAVING A BAD COMPUTER DAY!?!? Well welcome to The Gingerbread Corner! You are looking a sweet Computer Primitive Raggedy Ann who is about 11" tall. She was inspired by the many computer problems I have everyday!!! And especially with the big virus scare of April 1st! She is made from dyed/stained muslin. Her face is all hand stitched. (Her expression was inspired by one of my favorite pattern makers "Sweet Meadows Farm" Bad Attitude School Doll although the body is my own design.) Annie's shoes/socks are hand painted. Her hair is curly red wool doll hair pony tails. Annie's dress is made from a small barn red and white dot calico. HER APRON AND BOWS ARE MADE FROM THE MOST DARLING COMPUTER FABRIC. IT IS THE REAL SIZE AND SHAPE OF A FULL COMPUTER KEYBOARD WITH ALL THE BUTTONS/KEYS!!! It is the cutest things I have ever seen. My daughter designed the prim tag which is a computer that says, "DON'T PUSH MY BUTTONS!" So if you are a computer nerd, student, teacher, e-bay computer nut, or will love this doll! SHE IS SMALL ENOUGH TO TAKE TO WORK TO SET ON YOUR DESK NEXT TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!! So when you are having a bad computer day, just look over to Annie to get a laugh!!!!!

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